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Chimney Caps & Dampers


Every chimney needs a chimney cap! Water actually causes more damage to chimneys every year and a chimney cap is your first line of defense in keeping water out of your chimney.

A chimney cap helps guard your chimney against:

  • Rain & snow 
  • Birds, raccoons & squirrels
  • Leaves & debris
  • Provides spark protection when burning wood

Birds, squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife find a chimney to be the ideal place to make into their home and raise a family. However, baby birds and animals often are not able to exit the chimney the way their mamas are and unfortunately many babies die in their nests. This is sad for the animals, of course, but dead animals send a horrible smell down the chimney and can result in maggots, lice and other creepy crawly things scampering down the chimney and into your home.

Several local bird species as well as bats are protected under the migratory animal act so we're not allowed to remove them once they make a home in your chimney. Once you hear birds in your chimney it's too late to call us for removal but when you no longer hear them then give us a call. It's very important to sweep the chimney now to remove flammable nesting materials before you have another fire. And of course, you'll want us to cap the chimney to prevent these unwanted intruders in the future.

We many styles of chimney caps available, from single flue models to multi-flue and oversize caps. If your chimney is an important architectural component of your home design then we can install a copper chimney cap with several lid styles. Multi-flue models can cover multiple flues in the same chimney for a much nicer appearance than several small ones. Providing maximum protection is the crown mount chimney cap style which also helps protect your mortar crown.

While black caps are readily available at big box stores and online, please be aware that we don't sell them because they can rust out in as little as 2 years. And where does that rust go? Right down the size of chimney, creating awful looking stains. Our stainless steel and copper models carry a lifetime warranty and won't rust or burn out.

If you've got an older home built before fireplace dampers were installed or if your damper has rusted out then we also offer top mount chimney cap dampers. This is essentially a moving door on top of your chimney; a chain to operate it drops down the flue so you can open and close it as needed. When closed the damper cap provides a gasketed seal against weather and wildlife. Ask us if this might be the right solution for your older home. We have a style and size available for just about any fireplace chimney. (Note: damper caps cannot be installed on chimneys venting a wood stove).



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