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Clay tile liners have been the standard for lining chimneys for about 100 years now. The clay tile liner creates a barrier to keep smoke and creosote from the bricks and mortar joints in your chimney. Clay tile liners are still the standard for new construction yet are highly susceptible to damage by chimney fires, moisture, settling, lightening and more. Sweeping the chimney helps remove solid residues - soot and creosote - that can serve as fuel for a chimney fire. It only takes a fire burning at about 200 degrees to damage a clay tile liner, rendering the chimney - and the walls of your home - susceptible to extreme damage should a secondary chimney fire occur.

The good news is that homeowners insurance policies will generally pay to have the chimney relined after a chimney fire. When we RELINE a chimney we use a stainless steel chimney liner that's tested to 2100 degrees - 10 times higher than a clay tile liner can withstand and a higher temperature than most chimney fires can burn at. The stainless steel liner is insulated to help keep the chimney warmer and therefore reduce creosote accumulation. Additionally, a round or oval chimney liner vents smoke more efficiently than a square or rectangular liner because smoke rises in a circular pattern.

The diagram at left shows 2 stainless steel chimney liners; one serving an open fireplace and one a wood stove. Stainless steel chimney liners are considered an "all fuel" liner suitable for venting wood smoke, gas fumes and oil.


Often when we reline a chimney it is necessary to remove the clay tile liners so the new liner will fit. This is the view from the top of the chimney showing the new stainless steel liner and the insulation mix that's installed around the liner, which helps the chimney draft at its optimum efficiency, thereby reducing smoke output and creosote buildup, and improving burn times. Looking up from the bottom of the fireplace in the photo below, you see the bottom of the new liner and a newly parged firebox. This new parging covers over the stair-step design of the original smoke chamber to also improve burning performance.



After installing the stainless steel liner in the chimney at left we laid a brand new mortar crow so the chimney will shed rain water.

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